Anything that is eye-appealing or sells your product as it would with a counter display.  We give each sponsor 2.5 feet square of table space.  Some have 1-sheets in Lucite stand-ups.  Some of those stand-ups have business cards or discount cards.  Some sponsors provide a endless loop DVD playing their video.  You are limited only by space and good taste.

Have you ever walked past a roulette wheel in Las Vegas?  People are two or three deep watching it spin seeing if it will hit “my number.”  At our golf tournament everyone wins something and while golfers are waiting to spin the wheel they are surrounded by our sponsor table.  Our sponsors are all represented with “point of purchase” or “counter displays.”  Not only are the golfers looking to see what they would like to win, but they are also seeing your product in it’s commercial presentation.

The WOG is used in different ways at our events.  At Registration purchasers of the Mulligan Package get to spin the Wheel to win a overnight stay at the Morongo Casino and two rounds of golf at the Morongo Golf Course at Tukwet Canyon.  After the tournament every golfer gets to spin the wheel.  Unlike Las Vegas everyone wins who spins the Wheel of Golf.

The Wheel of Golf is a Las Vegas-style roulette wheel with golf scores as the numbers on the wheel from 32-41. Spin the wheel twice and you have an 18-hole score.

Because we will work 30+ events annually we market our sponsors at these events in a subtle but effective way.  It’s worth it to Wilson Staff to donate 60 FC Tour Wedges valued at $120 dollars because in the chipping contest we create, golfers must use the Wilson Staff wedge.  Getting golfers to see and try new equipment is very difficult for manufacturers so they participate willingly.

We provide gift cards, contest prizes, items for your raffle and silent/Live auctions.  Tournaments average between $20,000-$30,000 in donated goods and services.  Our Sponsor page highlights those sponsors participating in our events.

No we serve as consultants.  An event planner does everything for your event from golf course acquisition to  brochure design.  We show you how to do everything yourself and then lead you to vendors whose services we know to be fair, reasonable and of the utmost quality.An Event Planner’s fees will be much higher than ours or their fees might appear lower but then they get kickbacks from their vendors.

There are a number of packages offered for our services, so there is a range of fees.  We try to tailor our services to the organization’s needs.  Call for more information on pricing.

Having been engaged in one way or another the Mulligan Man has been involved in the planning and execution of more than 500 charity golf tournaments. There is a long list of Charities Served in the About section.

The Mulligan Man makes charity golf tournaments more fun and more money. That’s more than our slogan.  There is an old saying that when men are having fun they spend more money.  The Mulligan Man makes sure the tournaments–attended mostly by men, are fun.

In 1999 the germ of the idea was planted but officially The Mulligan Man was born in 2000.  Since then TMM has been involved in more than 500 tournaments.

The Mulligan Man provides organizations a number of services including serving as Charity Golf Tournament Consultant, On-Course Entertainer, Donation Resource and then after the tournament the Award Banquet MC and Auctioneer.

Eric Tracy aka The Mulligan Man is a former Southern California radio/TV personality.   He spent 15 seasons as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers Radio Broadcast team on KABC TalkRadio.  In the off-season he also serving in numerous other talk show capacities for the station.  He also spent 8 years as a Sports Anchor on KFWB News Radio. His radio career saw stops in Montana, Colorado, Kansas,Wisconsin, New Orleans and San Francisco.  (For more about Tracy’s career read the About page.)

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