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The Initials


The Mulligan Man’s Note-Have you ever wanted to provide a personalized gift to each golfer, but found that it was impossible due to roster changes at the last minute? Well, the Initials allow you to have just that! They have every different combination of initials that are possible. This is a must have at any golf tournament! After doing over 500 charity tournaments I can say these gifts attract the biggest buzz. (More info)

Zero Friction Golf Gloves

L1000849 ZeroFriction

Golf Gloves are the women’s bras of the golf world, there are so many sizes you need a separate cabinet for the inventory. Zero Friction is going to change all of that, as the No. 1 Performance Golf Tee on the PGA Tour they wouldn’t do anything less than great. The Universal Fit Golf Glove has not fallen short of the company’s reputation.These are the first gloves on the market that can mold to any hand, also come in a wide variety colors.


logo croppedA Vista iV Dozen with Balls

If you haven’t heard of Volvik its because you don’t spend much time in Asia. Korea Base Volvik golf balls have been around for over 25 years only recently did they decide to attack the America golf ball market with their colored golf balls. Volvik id the number one colored golf ball on the LPGA tour and from tip to bottom Volvik golf balls can compete with any on the market add a little color to your game. you’ll be surprised at the quality of Volvik golf balls. P.S. You’ll look good too.


Tee Claw

Tee Clawteeclaw-product

The Mulligan Man’s Note- The Tee Claw is an amazing product! It locked into those range mats and will hold your real golf tee. Which means no more hitting off those ugly rubber Tees. It also comes with string that you attach to the mat using another Tee Claw so it will always come back to you!

From the company-The Tee Claw concept was borne from the desire to play better golf from an artificial grass mat surface. Striking a golf ball directly from an artificial grass mat surface can pose several challenges to golfers accustomed to traditional grass surfaces; such as the inability to take a divot. The alternative is to place the golf ball onto a tee. This is where the Tee Claw is revolutionary. (More Info)


Club Glove Caddy Towel

Club GloveClub-Glove-Microfiber-Caddy-Towel_ROY

Demanded by Tour players and their caddies, these premium pro-tour size microfiber golf towels exceed professional Tour standards and outperform any other towel in golf.



golfpacGolf pac product

Don’t let your valuable gear or your partner’s gear get lost on the golf course.  It is a large search area and ruins a great day.

It is so nice to play a round of golf when all you have to think about is hitting the ball.  Golf PAC secures your gear and let’s you enjoy the game.  It was after a lost phone on the fourth hole with golfers behind us that I realized ” there has to be a better way!”(More Info)


swing oil


Our founders challenged themselves to create a product to help push golfers past the 100th hole with a supportive, non-alcoholic formulation that could help their bodies stay loose, strong and healthy. And the result?… A product that helped them set the all-time event record of 253 holes and dramatically improved their everyday golf experience: A new and better swingOIL for the golfer looking to stay loose, strong and focused.

Golf Bottle

Golf Bottle New logoGolf Bottle product

I had my eureka moment in Paris when I saw aluminium bottles that sprayed misted water, but did nothing else. I loved it, but the bottles were expensive and not eco-friendly. So, I put together a team with the Best designer, engineer, scientist and manufacturer. After 4 years of development, we created, patented and produced an All-In-One Bottle, which is environmentally friendly, very durable, not expensive and offers many practical Hot and Cool uses.”