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Rocky Patel

In an industry built on name recognition and reputation, Rocky Patel’s passion has brought his brand to heights unseen by most boutique cigar manufacturers. His hard work and long hours have been paying off in big ways. A survivor of the cigar boom, Patel has outlasted his competition with unrivaled persistence on his quest for perfection. With a [...]

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Case De Campo

A tropical playground with world-class toys, Casa de Campo's unsurpassed amenities, choice of hotel and villa accommodations, variety of dining options and ease of accessibility by air or by sea, is the perfect vacation spot for families,golfers, couples, friends traveling together, for group meetings, incentives and destination weddings! Website: http://www.casadecampo.com.do/

Case De Campo2015-04-06T12:05:55-08:00


Tradition runs deep in the game of golf, and rooted within it is the Oxford Brogue style. BIION is re-defining the classic Oxford theme, with a spikeless, slip-on golf shoe made from ultra-lightweight EVA. Website: http://www.biionfootwear.com/


Musty Putter

One of the pillars of great service is anticipating what customers want before they ask. David Musty Putters strives to take this concept one step further by fulfilling a customer’s needs before they realize they need it. For example, through our fitting system, we are able to address faults in the set up and stroke that players are [...]

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The EZeeGolf Power Driver is a swingless golf club that is power by gunpowder. With a press of a tigger you can launch a ball over 250 yards. This helps new golfers overcome the learning curve! Helps left behind spouses enjoy golf! The EZeeGolf Power Driver Assists Golfers who are starting to experience physical restrictions. Brings disabled golfers [...]


Bogey Pro

BogeyPro crafts honest golf gear. No unfulfilled promises of game improvement. No space age materials. Just high quality gear and clothing complete with true and accurate reflections about the toughest game ever invented. Website: http://www.30watt.com/collections/bogeypro

Bogey Pro2015-04-06T12:43:48-08:00

The Mulligan Man Plays Good Golf

I play in about 4-5 charity tournaments that you host and it's always been a pleasure playing with you. In fact, you chipped one from the fairway for an eagle last year on the 15th hole at El Caballero. I look forward to playing with you again. Wayne Sluman Wayne Sluman, Golfer 9th Annual NSBN [...]

The Mulligan Man Plays Good Golf2019-03-26T08:43:03-08:00

Sundog Sunglasses

The Sundog Eyewear approach to integrating different technologies in design and construction results in a higher state of quality that is both functional and innovative. This year represents Sundog Eyewear's most functional collection ever that offers ultimate protection, superior eyewear comfort, genuine performance and superior styling. Website: http://sundogeyewear.com/

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SkyCaddie LINX

72-Hour Mega Deal Very soon our Mulligan Man sponsors will be offering deals only available on this website. Those people in our database will receive an email announcing the deal.  The 72-hour time limit to make a purchase will be firm. The SkyCaddie Linix is golf’s most accurate, reliable, and fashionable multi-sport [...]

SkyCaddie LINX2019-08-04T13:20:03-08:00

The Mulligan Man Is Great

Yes, you are good – as a matter of fact GREAT at what you do. Relax the crowd, make ‘em love you & give like crazy. Thank you over and over again. Cheers, Robin Robin Hargrove, Director of Development, Westside Center for Independent Living Westside Center for Independent Living Golf tournament Friendly Hills Country Club, [...]

The Mulligan Man Is Great2019-03-26T08:43:04-08:00