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Golf PAC

Golf PAC You now have tight pockets that will keep your cell phone, car keys, rangefinder and other valuables within easy reach, in plain view and always inside the golf cart.

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Tee Claw

Tee Claw This revolutionary product allows golfers to hit a golf ball from a real tee when playing on an artificial mat. The Tee Claw replaces the conventional antiquated, unpredictable, flimsy, and fixed position rubber tee that is inserted underneath the bottom of the mat through a hole. The Tee Claw is designed to [...]

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The Initials

The Initials The Initials gift items are impressive, first class gifts. Your Tournament or Sponsor logo is featured on one side and is be cast in metal and then enamel painted. Your logo medallion will be permanently affixed. The two-initials medallion on the other side is magnetic and easily removed to use as a [...]

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Help w/ Pictures

Step one: Click on desired photo. Step Two: Copy the URL of the Picture   Step Three: Email Link to cody@themulliganman.com

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4/13/2015 Southland Regional Association of Realtors (SRAR) @Wood Ranch CC, Simi Valley

SRAR at Wood Ranch Like us on Facebook to find your Foursome Photos  Divot Tools customized with the initials of all golfers at SRAR. Zero Friction Trivia Quiz, golfers earn a FREE ZF glove. Dawn Schwab's bullseye wins a set of Wilson D-200 Irons. Wilson Staff D-200 Irons [...]

4/13/2015 Southland Regional Association of Realtors (SRAR) @Wood Ranch CC, Simi Valley2019-03-26T08:42:57-08:00


Funny Signs Signs that make the Golfers laugh will be seen and talked about! The Mulligan Man has acquired many funny lines that our golfers love and talk about. This gives you the ability to have the sponsor choose the line that fits their humor! Below are a small examples of lines we have. Contact [...]



Standard Tee Signs The Standard Tee Signs are the classic style. We have very simple elegant designs to meet all the needs of the typical Charity Event Tee Sign. But who wants to be typical?Check out Funny and Factoid signs    



Factoids The Great part about these signs is that the golfers will read them as well as learn more about your cause! Why or how will they be read? We have found many creative ways to make sure every golfer stops and reads the signs Email cody@themulliganman.com to find out how. Back to Tee [...]


Charity Golf International

Charity Golf International’s Mission is to enhance Charity Golf Events throughout the United States. We take pride in entertaining the tournaments clients and attendees by creating excitement with 400 yards drives from our Professional Long Drive Entertainers. Our goal is to provide professional fundraising, raise awareness for the Foundations cause, and assist charities in reaching their [...]

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The Convert-A-Hole™ Putting Ring is a golf training aid designed for play on actual golf course holes. Place the Convert-A-Hole™ Putting Ring around the golf hole to play and after sinking the putt simply pick up the Putting Ring and move on to play the next hole. Website: http://convertahole.com/