The Mulligan Man Testimonials!

He Always Has New Ideas For How To Make More Money For My Cause!

Eric Tracy is fantastic and I can't say enough about the guy. Eric and I have worked together on my event the last 10 years so if this is your inaugural event, I wouldn't think twice about hiring him. Eric brings a lot of value. In addition to his services and products that are tangible, his intangible services are [...]

He Always Has New Ideas For How To Make More Money For My Cause!2019-03-26T08:42:56-08:00

The Mulligan Man Has MC Expertise!

The Mulligan Man was a huge success. Your banter on and off the course, the jokes and your exceptional 'emcee' prowess were very much appreciated by our players and sponsors alike. 'Where did you find him, and how can we get him back next year?' was a frequent question I was asked immediately following the [...]

The Mulligan Man Has MC Expertise!2019-03-26T08:42:57-08:00

The Mulligan Man is a Bargain!

Playing as The Mulligan Man in our tournament, I was fascinated by how quickly you made friends. I don't know how you do it. Not only did you play with every group, but I'm amazed at how you seemed to remember everybody's name. Remembering names lends so much to people having a good time; it [...]

The Mulligan Man is a Bargain!2019-03-26T08:42:57-08:00

The Mulligan Man Plays Good Golf

I play in about 4-5 charity tournaments that you host and it's always been a pleasure playing with you. In fact, you chipped one from the fairway for an eagle last year on the 15th hole at El Caballero. I look forward to playing with you again. Wayne Sluman Wayne Sluman, Golfer 9th Annual NSBN [...]

The Mulligan Man Plays Good Golf2019-03-26T08:43:03-08:00

The Mulligan Man Is Great

Yes, you are good – as a matter of fact GREAT at what you do. Relax the crowd, make ‘em love you & give like crazy. Thank you over and over again. Cheers, Robin Robin Hargrove, Director of Development, Westside Center for Independent Living Westside Center for Independent Living Golf tournament Friendly Hills Country Club, [...]

The Mulligan Man Is Great2019-03-26T08:43:04-08:00

Sponsors Love The Mulligan Man!

I just wanted to really thank you for sending me the CD of the photos from our photo shoot, and for sending me the newspaper and golf magazine as well. That's a lot of extra work, and I am very impressed with your commitment to follow through with the people you work with. Most people [...]

Sponsors Love The Mulligan Man!2019-03-26T08:43:04-08:00

The Mulligan Man Brings A Good Time!

This is just a small way of expressing our gratitude for the big way you influenced the success of the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood Golf Tournament. As you know, the recent Wood Ranch tournament was our club's first such event in many years. To say that there was apprehension and concern over the [...]

The Mulligan Man Brings A Good Time!2019-03-26T08:43:04-08:00

Thank You Mulligan Man!

The Seal Beach Seaside Lion’s Club would like to thank you and your team for the high-energy you brought to our Fifth Annual Golf Tournament. The tournament was a great success as attested by our golfers. They had smiles and comments of their experience on the Destroyer Course that day. We also want to thank [...]

Thank You Mulligan Man!2019-03-26T08:43:04-08:00

The Mulligan Man Earns You Money!

I have been the Chairman of the Big Brothers Golf Classic since its inception six years ago. The tournament is held at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles and individual player spots sell for a very pricey $1,600 each. Therefore, we need to provide a very entertaining day in order to insure that our [...]

The Mulligan Man Earns You Money!2019-03-26T08:43:04-08:00

The Mulligan Man Gets Everyone Involved!

Your enthusiasm and professionalism at the microphone made the difference between the golfers leaving after the social hour and staying for and participating in the remainder of the evening - something that has been difficult the past few years. We also found that sales from our silent auction and Chinese raffle dramatically increased as well [...]

The Mulligan Man Gets Everyone Involved!2019-03-26T08:43:04-08:00