TMM100REric Tracy is fantastic and I can’t say enough about the guy. Eric and I have worked together on my event the last 10 years so if this is your inaugural event, I wouldn’t think twice about hiring him. Eric brings a lot of value. In addition to his services and products that are tangible, his intangible services are what makes him invaluable to me. My first handful of years he brought a lot of tournament planning wisdom. Each year my solid field of golfers continue to return and each year I seem to gain one or two new sponsors. We are growing and I know that I couldn’t have gotten this far without him. Sometimes the knock against Eric is his fees that might seem like a lot on the face of it. However my contention is that if he can pay for himself (and he always does) then why not hire him? Eric brings a ton of giveaways items, he brings pre-tournament and on-course fundraising games and he always has new ideas for how to make more money for my cause. Further he is great at the dinner/lunch portion of the event and playfully gets people to open up their pocket books. I often wonder why more folks don’t hire him? Since I make more money with him than without him, since people are entertained pre-tournament, during the tournament and post tournament, and since he makes my event so much more memorable it has always been a no-brainer to continue having Eric as a part of my event.

Mark Abbott, Tournament Chairman
CAA Professionals
Charles Abbott Memorial Golf Tournament