TMM100LI have been the Chairman of the Big Brothers Golf Classic since its inception six years ago. The tournament is held at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles and individual player spots sell for a very pricey $1,600 each. Therefore, we need to provide a very entertaining day in order to insure that our players return the following year. This year we used Eric Tracy as our Master of Ceremonies. It was by far the best program we have ever had and I received many more compliments and renewals than normal. I might also add that this year we raised more money than ever as Eric put our golfers in the mood to spend. He also brings a wonderful twist to playing golf on tournament day with his ‘Mulligan Man.’ Eric played one hole with every group helping many to a better score on the hole he participated. He brought a great deal of levity to each group, and was able to work in anecdotes about many of the players into his routine as Master of Ceremonies. The crowd loved it! As far as I’m concerned, Eric has earned a long-term position as Master of Ceremonies at the Big Brothers Golf Classic….

Robert F. Howard, Chairman, Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles
Big Brothers Golf Classic
Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades