TMM100LYou were a funny and consummate professional Master of Ceremonies and Auctioneer, but it was all the added-value bonuses you brought to our organization that really impressed us. When Susan Harrison at American Golf Corporation suggested we hire you we thought, ‘ do we really need an MC?’ But from our first conversation with you a full 6 months before our event, it was obvious you were a hands-on guy with much experience to offer our event and whether we needed you for a luncheon meeting or numerous phone calls, you were there to share your contacts, know-how and advice. On tournament day, it was nice to lean on you. Your ‘Mulligan Man’ idea was a big hit! Playing one hole with every group was a nice twist and you helped a number of foursomes with your play. That really is a terrific idea, much better than just putting you with one group. I couldn’t believe that night how many people treated you as an ‘old buddy’ after playing one hole of golf with everyone. You really remember names, make friends easily and have a knack of making people feel comfortable. With all this said, it was really in front of the microphone that evening where your skills and experience shined. Your sense of humor and timing kept the auction and raffle moving. It was also very heads-up of you to get those people at the bar to quiet down during our speakers’ presentations. It seems just a gentle word or two from you and the decibel level dropped considerably. By the way, please also thank the Dodgers for the hats, beach towels and autographed baseballs. You were right; they helped sell raffle tickets and earned good money at the auction. Eric, it’s true, experience really does make a difference. Thank you for lending yours to our event. We look forward to your involvement again….

Leslie Isaacs, VP Women’s Advertising Golf League
Golf to Fight Cancer
Vista Valencia Golf Course, Valencia